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New Finnish Massacre in Yuvaskylae!!!!

2 Feb

A new massacre has taken place in Yuvaskylae. It has been reported that in the local library a new book about Finnish fascism was being discussed, when a patrol of crazed Finns wielding poockaw knives entered the premises. The attackers were members of a mainstream nationalist organization, for whom it is a point of honour to kill all critics of Finnish culture and society. Several people were poockawed to death or horribly mutilated by the murderers.

As one could expect, police did not interfere, or if they did, they sided with the poockaw patrol. Several victims of the massacre are being prosecuted, while the poockaw men have not been apprehended.

It stands to reason that the authors of the book are native speakers of the Swedish language and thus racially distinct, although they are Finnish citizens. It would never occur to an ethnic and racial Finn to see anything reprehensible in being a Fascist, let alone write a book about it. It would amount to writing a book about existing, or breathing, or standing.


Finns are a Man-Eating Race

29 Oct

That barbarian nation voted in their local govenment election for candidates who actually want to make soup out of people. This is nothing I have invented. One of the candidates of the Muslim-hating racist party (his name is Amon Rautiainen) said that he would want to cook Muslims alive and make soup out of them. He was voted in.

This shows that Finns actually approve of cannibalism, because theirs is a man-eating culture. Finns are actually willing to vote for a candidate who wants to cook people alive.

This must obviously be due to the Finns’ cultural or racial qualities: for them the fellow man is above all food, and the high murder rate in their country might be due to the people actually being killed for their flesh, because human flesh is such a delicacy for the man-eating Finns.

Imagine the possibility that this nation be unleashed to prey upon the rest of the mankind. Imagine the crazed Finns entering your neighborhood and taking away your children – to be cooked in great black cauldrons. Remember: these people can look very harmless, and although they are a mixed race of partly Asiatic origins, they can be mistaken for Europeans of the Caucasoid breed. You never know who is secretly a Finn, clutching his traditional poockaw knife, and harboring dreams of cooking your children and eating them.