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New Finnish Massacre in Yuvaskylae!!!!

2 Feb

A new massacre has taken place in Yuvaskylae. It has been reported that in the local library a new book about Finnish fascism was being discussed, when a patrol of crazed Finns wielding poockaw knives entered the premises. The attackers were members of a mainstream nationalist organization, for whom it is a point of honour to kill all critics of Finnish culture and society. Several people were poockawed to death or horribly mutilated by the murderers.

As one could expect, police did not interfere, or if they did, they sided with the poockaw patrol. Several victims of the massacre are being prosecuted, while the poockaw men have not been apprehended.

It stands to reason that the authors of the book are native speakers of the Swedish language and thus racially distinct, although they are Finnish citizens. It would never occur to an ethnic and racial Finn to see anything reprehensible in being a Fascist, let alone write a book about it. It would amount to writing a book about existing, or breathing, or standing.


Is it a coincidence?

9 Jan

It turned out that the real name of the Texas molester is Riku Pekka Melartin. There was a notorious Finnish neo-Nazi whose name was Pekka Siitin. Is that a coincidence???

BTW, I checked with my dictionary and it told me Siitin means penis. Is that a coincidence too?

Too many coincidences for me.

Finnish Rapist Strikes in Texas!!!!

6 Jan

You keep telling me that I am exaggerating, but how does this feel? A Finnish car dealer calling himself Rik Melartin is facing charges for sexual molestation of a minor in Bellaire, Texas (part of the Greater Houston metropolitan area). Who is Rik Melartin? He was known in the area as an all-American gunslinger who, confronted with an armed robber, undauntedly pulled his own firearm and chased down the criminal. No wonder he became a local hero, especially in Texas. What could be more quintessentially Texan than a man like this? What would be a more obvious way to win the hearts and minds of Texans? What would be a more potent way to demonstrate that you have managed to become one of the Texans? This man was the very incarnation of Texan virtues. And then – he turned out to be a common molester of young girls.

This is what Finns are. They can impress you as much as you want, being acknowledged heroes of war and sports. But theirs is the heroism of Eastern killer peoples riding the wide steppes and stopping only to massacre and rape the people of a settlement. Behind all that heroism they still clutch their poisoned poockaw.


The Truth about Norwegian Rape: Finns!

4 Jan

There is a widespread legend among anti-Muslim web users that there is a tsunami of rapes in Norway due to the heavy Muslim presence in that country. This is of course bull shit. Our research has led to the conclusion that in Norway, where there are lots of rapes, there are lots of Finns. The highest per capita incidence of rape in Norway is found in the northern parts, where immigrants come from a neighboring country. Norway’s neighbors are Sweden and Finland. Now, where do the immigrants come from up there? From Sweden? No. The other guess is the correct one.

There are very few foreigners in Finland (who would want to immigrate there anyway?) but as Finnish feminists (mostly ethnic Swedes – who could be surprised?) have found out there is, as they say in Finnish, a rice-cows cool-toor-ree, a culture of rape, rampant in Finland. (The word cool-toor-ree is obviously an English loan word, “culture”, as there is no real Finnish word for the concept. Again, who could be surprised? The ridiculous word rice-cows means “rape”.  Of course it is spelled differently in Finnish, but nobody in his or her right mind could be bothered to try to write it as Finns do, cluttered as their writing is with all kinds of stupid à’s, ń’s, û’s and stuff like that – it is worse than French and Polish together.) However, this propaganda about foreigners being the rapists is quite widespread in Finnish media, and it wins elections. Why? Of course they want to shift the attention away from their own cool-toor-ree.  And the same applies to Norway. Finns who have infiltrated media in Norway keep telling the world that Muslims do the raping, while the real culprits are Finns.

Finns look like Westerners. But their eyes have the unmistakable wild look of the sons of the steppe. They not just want to cut up and cook your children for food. They also want to rape your wife, sisters and daughters.  That’s their cool-toor-ree.

The Poisoned Poockaw of the Finn in the Heart of Sweden

3 Jan

Who are the “Sweden Democrats”, the Swedish Nazis? Can you guess?

It is not difficult to spot the Finnish name among their leaders. There is for instance somebody whose name is Kinnunen. Kinnunen. That -nen ending is the shibboleth of the Finn, who clutches his poisoned poockaw knife under his coat in order to stab it into your heart.

Where there is Communism, there is -nen. Where there is Fascism, there is -nen. There is always somebody with his or her name ending in that Finnish -nen, by which the men of the poisoned poockaw recognize each other.

Parliamentary Committee against Racism Led by Convicted Racist Agitator

12 Dec

It is an eloquent example of the cynical hypocrisy so typical of Finland that the Diet of Finland, called Eddys-cunta (write your own joke here), has appointed a convicted racist agitator the chairman of the parliamentary committee responsible for fighting racism. The chairman, Yussi Hala-ahho, has been writing a nasty racist blog for years, thus making himself the most popular politician ever seen in Finland.

Next time they probably appoint a genocidal war criminal the chairman of their committee against genocide.

Finns want to live in a polluted environment

9 Nov

In Finland there has been some controversy about the Tavliavara mines in Sucktamo, Lapland. The local inhabitants, who are of Lapp (Sami) ethnicity, are suffering from the effluent of the mines, with their children dying of cancer and heavy metal poisoning. As this is Finland, authorities have been very disdainful about the protests, disparaging the protesters because of their ethnicity. (Sami, the indigenous language of Lapland, is an ancient language with a once mighty literary culture, now giving way to vulgar Finnish. Lapland is the northern province of Finland inhabited by Sami people, who are still treated as colonial subjects, not as equal co-citizens.) It seems that Finns, with their shortsighted worldview, prefer to live in a polluted environment, and if this affects their northern neighbors the Sami, this is just too bad.