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Finns want to live in a polluted environment

9 Nov

In Finland there has been some controversy about the Tavliavara mines in Sucktamo, Lapland. The local inhabitants, who are of Lapp (Sami) ethnicity, are suffering from the effluent of the mines, with their children dying of cancer and heavy metal poisoning. As this is Finland, authorities have been very disdainful about the protests, disparaging the protesters because of their ethnicity. (Sami, the indigenous language of Lapland, is an ancient language with a once mighty literary culture, now giving way to vulgar Finnish. Lapland is the northern province of Finland inhabited by Sami people, who are still treated as colonial subjects, not as equal co-citizens.) It seems that Finns, with their shortsighted worldview, prefer to live in a polluted environment, and if this affects their northern neighbors the Sami, this is just too bad.