Police and Crowds Join Neo-Nazi Demonstrators in Pogrom

3 Oct

On September 29th, Finnish Neo-Nazis paraded in Yuvaskylae, a “university” town in the epicentre of Finland. All the people were out in the streets welcoming the parade, with young women showing their breasts to the neo-nazis and kissing them. An observer indeed saw a young university student performing fellatio on a neo-nazi skinhead, loudly urged by spectators to give her love to the patriotic young man.

The crowds soon went virtually drunk with bloodlust listening to the racist slogans. Several Muslims were attacked by crowds armed with traditional Finnish poockaw knives, with men being slaughtered or castrated and women and children being mass raped by Finns shouting slogans about killing all foreigners. Policemen provided logistical support to the crowds. Everybody shouted: “Tubbuckah naygurreet”, which means “Kill the niggers”.


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