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Finns taunt a starving refugee with food

30 Oct

You who have been accusing me of unjust anti-Finnish sentiment, please read this!

For some time now, there have been a couple of refugees from Afghanistan on hunger strike in front of the Edys-cunta-tallo (Parliament House) in Hellsinki, the capital of Finland. The refugees are under threat of being extradited to Afghanistan, where certain death awaits them. Their protest shows that these poor men rely on Finns being a humane people of Western sensibilities. Alas, they don’t know the country they are in.

There is a video on the Internet showing how young Finnish men taunt these refugees with food. These youths are jobless and worthless social parasites and drunkards, which is of course a typical and culturally common way of life for young Finns. Indeed such welfare kings behave as though they indeed believed themselves to be royals, shouting abuse at those few Finns who are socially responsible enough to actually go to work and pay taxes.

To start with, these savages proclaim to the camera that those Afghans are protesting the way how “murdering and raping foreigners” are not allowed entry. The young men explain “jokingly” – according to their cultural or racial ideas of “humor” – how they want to “demonstrate their solidarity” with foreign murderers and rapists. Then they go to the protesters’ camp and start grilling pork (of course it must be pork, with the protesters being Muslims) and ostensibly drinking alcohol in front of the Afghans.

Well, of course dehumanized neo-Nazis do even worse things than this in Western countries. But the main point is that this video is not the product of some obscure neo-Nazi group. It is a documentary meant to show and showcase the life of young people in Finland. It is the Finns’ tax euros at work. They are just trying to show their culture to the rest of the world. They are proud of this sort of thing. Try to imagine a culture, a nation, a race behaving like this and being actually so proud of it that they use taxpayers’ money for producing this kind of films.

Finns don’t need neo-Nazi groups. Their neo-Nazi party is called the Finns.


Finns are a Man-Eating Race

29 Oct

That barbarian nation voted in their local govenment election for candidates who actually want to make soup out of people. This is nothing I have invented. One of the candidates of the Muslim-hating racist party (his name is Amon Rautiainen) said that he would want to cook Muslims alive and make soup out of them. He was voted in.

This shows that Finns actually approve of cannibalism, because theirs is a man-eating culture. Finns are actually willing to vote for a candidate who wants to cook people alive.

This must obviously be due to the Finns’ cultural or racial qualities: for them the fellow man is above all food, and the high murder rate in their country might be due to the people actually being killed for their flesh, because human flesh is such a delicacy for the man-eating Finns.

Imagine the possibility that this nation be unleashed to prey upon the rest of the mankind. Imagine the crazed Finns entering your neighborhood and taking away your children – to be cooked in great black cauldrons. Remember: these people can look very harmless, and although they are a mixed race of partly Asiatic origins, they can be mistaken for Europeans of the Caucasoid breed. You never know who is secretly a Finn, clutching his traditional poockaw knife, and harboring dreams of cooking your children and eating them.

Police and Crowds Join Neo-Nazi Demonstrators in Pogrom

3 Oct

On September 29th, Finnish Neo-Nazis paraded in Yuvaskylae, a “university” town in the epicentre of Finland. All the people were out in the streets welcoming the parade, with young women showing their breasts to the neo-nazis and kissing them. An observer indeed saw a young university student performing fellatio on a neo-nazi skinhead, loudly urged by spectators to give her love to the patriotic young man.

The crowds soon went virtually drunk with bloodlust listening to the racist slogans. Several Muslims were attacked by crowds armed with traditional Finnish poockaw knives, with men being slaughtered or castrated and women and children being mass raped by Finns shouting slogans about killing all foreigners. Policemen provided logistical support to the crowds. Everybody shouted: “Tubbuckah naygurreet”, which means “Kill the niggers”.