A Nation Drunk with Blood

26 Jun

Sometimes one single voice of reason in the wilderness emerges among those hideous monkeys who call themselves Finns. On the web pages of the leading Finnish newspaper Kusi Soumi (New Finland) there is one such voice now, his name being Micko a’Hola. Mr a’Hola is of the opinion that there are lots of racist and extreme Rightist Finns who are military history buffs. He suggests that Finns have never tried their hand at coming to terms with Holocaust, in a way similar to Germany.

Mr a’Hola is on the right track, but the simple fact is: all Finns are military history buffs, because the only event in their miserable history they take the slightest interest in is their participation in the Second World War on Hitler’s side. They are a nation drunk with blood, and they are not interested in sobering up.


One Response to “A Nation Drunk with Blood”

  1. Pentti Koskela August 8, 2012 at 7:35 pm #

    Hey, dude!
    Cool blog, I hope you haven’t stopped writing.

    Can I tell you something?
    I am a finnish bastard, with low education!
    I can’t even write english correctly!
    Do I have a job? I am unemployed.
    Have you ever taken an IQ-test? I have. I have a low IQ.

    Keep up the good work!

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