A Nation Fit to be Nuked

11 Feb

If Finland and the Finns were nuked out of existence, would anyone miss them?

Hardly. Finns are basically a race of mediocre engineers, with no geniuses to brag about. Finnish “female beauty” is a bad joke – being a racial blend of Mongoloids and discarded Caucasians, Finnish women strike a normal Western person as somewhat deformed in a way similar to retards. The level of their so-called intelligence very much supports this general impression. Especially older women of Eastern Finnish stock are usually quite a horrendous spectacle for pure esthetic reasons.

There are few Nobel Prize winners of purely Finnish stock. The usual ones mentioned are the writer Franz Emil Sillanpaeae and the chemist Arthur Ilmari Wirtanen. Sillanpaeae is mostly known for a novel about drunken ravings in the summer night: the novel is renowned, if not notorious, for giving a sickly eroticized account of one man stabbing another to death. Reading the scene you could think it is about sexual intercourse, because the writer actually points out how sexually aroused the killer is, and how he feels as if he was fucking the man he is killing. And this is the top contribution of the Finnish nation to the world literature. Most Finns who have read the book (it should be noted that Sillanpaeae isn’t very popular in Finland anymore, because his hot and sultry eroticism is somewhat foreign to the dull soul of the Finn) have praised this very scene, which according to them embodies the very quintessence of being Finn.

Thus, that very quintessence is getting an erection while stabbing your fellow man to death. The quintessence of Finnishness is homosexual necrophilia, and they even admit it.


2 Responses to “A Nation Fit to be Nuked”

  1. Orville Horst July 22, 2012 at 1:11 am #

    And still finns are very homophobic – even though their biggest war hero Mannerheim was probably gay, the creator of moomins, Tove Jansson was lesbian, and internationally most widely known graphic artist, Tom of Finland was gay. But the finnish ability to ignore all facts and see just what they want to see – and of course boozing – helps them forget the things they find uncomfortable.

  2. Björn August 23, 2012 at 8:06 am #

    You nailed it! lol Finns are indeed inherent brutes. Their Uralic origin always seems to get the best of them, manifesting itself in things like high rates of alcoholism, hate crimes, and generally unattractive people. The Mongoloids of Europe, as the saying goes.

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