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The Finn Wants to Kill his Children

15 Jan

On January the 11th, it turned out that a man living in a place called Lajaasalo (a suburb of Helsinki I think) had killed his two little daughters and his wife and then tried to burn his house so that police would not find out about his crime. Of course he didn’t get away with it, because Finns do have a relatively effective police force albeit composed of Finns. But interestingly this was not a very special crime in that vicious little country. Rather there have been five similar family massacres in a year. In a year!

Comments on the websites of major Finnish newspapers were disheartening. First they suggested that the man might be an immigrant. When it had turned out he was a native son of the soil, they started to speculate about how the presence of dark-skinned immigrants might have made the man commit this horrible crime. There was no self-criticism, nobody actually saw the man himself as a culprit. No, for a Finn it must always be the foreigners.

We know better, of course. If there are so many murders like this in Finland, it is obviously due to their culture, or possibly their racial nature. Their racial nature tells them to kill their children for laughs and to blame others, or other races. That is the essence of Finnishness.