The racial origins of the Finns

27 Dec

For more than a century, it has not been politically correct to tell the truth about the racial origins of the Finns. In the United States, there has been great sympathy for Finns after the Winter War, and consequently Americans have seen it fit to treat Finns as some sort of honorary Caucasoids. However, the roots of the Finns are unmistakably found in Eastern soil.

The Finnish language is one of the major languages in the Finno-Ugric phylum, a family of languages spoken mostly by small groups of reindeer herders and nomads in the boondocks of Russia. These languages include Ostyak (Khanty), Vogul (Mansi), Mari (Cheremis), Mordvin (actually two languages, Erzyan and Mokshan) and several others. This Wikipedia link shows an Ostyak – as you see, he could not be more unmistakably Mongolian in his features. Yet we are supposed to believe that Finns are of European, Caucasoid stock.

Of course you might see this as a minor issue, because racial origins are no big deal these days, with people marrying foreigners and racially different spouses all the time. You might also see it as racism to make a fuss out of this. This is fine, but even white nationalists deserve to be informed about frauds and liars who are trying to endear themselves to them on false pretenses.


3 Responses to “The racial origins of the Finns”

  1. Every man December 28, 2011 at 11:47 am #

    If this was true or matter in any way I would have no problem with being of mongolian descent or whatever, but as I understand it the origins of Finns, or rather people talking Finnish, is not that easily explained.

  2. Kaljander December 31, 2011 at 1:12 am #

    Although I would have nothing against my genes being of mongolian heritage or whatever, the origin of the Finnish, or rather the finnish-speaking, population is not that easily explained. Language is one thing, archeology and gene research is something completely different (remember that the Irish speak mostly English today, even though it’s not their “native language”). Archeology knows of several migrations to the area today known as Finland and yes, some are from the east but some are also from the southwest. There’s a strange “gene rift” that goes straight through Finland, and it does not coincide with the fenno-swedish areas. It coincides with the western and eastern Finnish dialects. The origin of “the Finns” is more myth than anything. “The Finns” was originally what the Sami people were called, but it got sort of inherited by the mixture of people that over time became mainly finnish-speaking.

  3. Duonius August 8, 2012 at 3:02 am #

    Lithuanians have 55% genetics similar to Finns, yet very few Lithuanians even remind of Asian looks, although there are some. It is believed Finns are the mix of Balts (Lithuanians) and Siberian tribes. Also, it is possible that a “mongoloid appearance with the epicanth in their eyes can develop in any race if the climatic and environmental conditions are right. So some day Europeans could all turn negroid or mongoloid if the global climate changes. In turn East Asians could turn caucasoid and negroids turn europeoid as they do in parts of East Africa.

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