Finnish Woman in Eternal Search of a Non-Finnish Husband

27 Dec

It is well known that Finnish women are very fond of foreign men. In fact, if you are a Finnish male, chances are that you have never fucked a Finnish girl without previous sexual experience with foreign men. While it is quite common in poorer parts of the world that local women try to escape the misery of their home country by marrying husbands from more fortunate places, the predilection of Finnish girls for foreign flesh can hardly be explained by the poverty of their country. Finland is, after all, a modern welfare state – or is it? Maybe there is more than meets the eye here.

Women in all cultures want to marry upwards. In Finland, any foreign man is seen as superior to Finnish males – culturally, spiritually, and racially. Finnish men may be good at computer technology, but that’s it: under the veneer of superfluous learning, there is a barbarian who is not interested in anything but booze – Finland is one of the most alcoholic nations of the world. Finnish men never read books, they only watch the latest American blockbusters, and their view of other countries is profoundly prejudiced. While Finnish women – for the reasons mentioned above – do learn foreign languages, Finnish men only manage a stiff and angular English and actually detest the very thought of speaking any other language with foreigners, provided that they want to talk to foreigners at all.

Thus, the whole mentality of the Finns is that of a developing-country backwater. Women want to get out of the place, and men are stupid machos whose only culture is the American mass culture.


One Response to “Finnish Woman in Eternal Search of a Non-Finnish Husband”

  1. pirate0toujours October 31, 2012 at 1:29 am #

    Actually this is quite true in my experience – and the marriage rate of Finnish women to foreign men is very noticeable.

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