A Critic of Finns and Finnishness

19 Dec

This blog will be about criticizing that Nordic nation of frauds, the Finns. Did you ever know, for instance, the following facts:

– Finland had a capitalist economy in the years of the Cold War, but was at the same time a true friend of the Communist Soviet Union and a training ground for its agents?

– Finns pretended to be a Scandinavian nation but are really a people of Mongoloid race speaking an Eastern language similar only to a handful of minority languages spoken in Russia by small groups of reindeer-herding nomads?

– true to their Mongoloid nature, Finnsh have started to persecute their Swedish-speaking, truly Scandinavian minority in a way similar to the initial stages of holocaust in Germany?

Americans have a way too sympathetic relationship to Finns, “the heroic nation” who defended themselves against the onslaught of Soviet troops in 1939. This nation of frauds needs to be exposed, This is why I started this blog for everybody to read the TRUTH ABOUT FINLAND.


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