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Finnish Woman in Eternal Search of a Non-Finnish Husband

27 Dec

It is well known that Finnish women are very fond of foreign men. In fact, if you are a Finnish male, chances are that you have never fucked a Finnish girl without previous sexual experience with foreign men. While it is quite common in poorer parts of the world that local women try to escape the misery of their home country by marrying husbands from more fortunate places, the predilection of Finnish girls for foreign flesh can hardly be explained by the poverty of their country. Finland is, after all, a modern welfare state – or is it? Maybe there is more than meets the eye here.

Women in all cultures want to marry upwards. In Finland, any foreign man is seen as superior to Finnish males – culturally, spiritually, and racially. Finnish men may be good at computer technology, but that’s it: under the veneer of superfluous learning, there is a barbarian who is not interested in anything but booze – Finland is one of the most alcoholic nations of the world. Finnish men never read books, they only watch the latest American blockbusters, and their view of other countries is profoundly prejudiced. While Finnish women – for the reasons mentioned above – do learn foreign languages, Finnish men only manage a stiff and angular English and actually detest the very thought of speaking any other language with foreigners, provided that they want to talk to foreigners at all.

Thus, the whole mentality of the Finns is that of a developing-country backwater. Women want to get out of the place, and men are stupid machos whose only culture is the American mass culture.


The racial origins of the Finns

27 Dec

For more than a century, it has not been politically correct to tell the truth about the racial origins of the Finns. In the United States, there has been great sympathy for Finns after the Winter War, and consequently Americans have seen it fit to treat Finns as some sort of honorary Caucasoids. However, the roots of the Finns are unmistakably found in Eastern soil.

The Finnish language is one of the major languages in the Finno-Ugric phylum, a family of languages spoken mostly by small groups of reindeer herders and nomads in the boondocks of Russia. These languages include Ostyak (Khanty), Vogul (Mansi), Mari (Cheremis), Mordvin (actually two languages, Erzyan and Mokshan) and several others. This Wikipedia link shows an Ostyak – as you see, he could not be more unmistakably Mongolian in his features. Yet we are supposed to believe that Finns are of European, Caucasoid stock.

Of course you might see this as a minor issue, because racial origins are no big deal these days, with people marrying foreigners and racially different spouses all the time. You might also see it as racism to make a fuss out of this. This is fine, but even white nationalists deserve to be informed about frauds and liars who are trying to endear themselves to them on false pretenses.

Humanitarian ideals are nothing for Finns

19 Dec

If you get acquainted with Finns on anything more than a very superficial level, you will be struck by their complete disinterest, if not dislike, for humanitarian ideals. It is true that some of them can produce passable “humanitarian cant” in order to impress their Anglo-American or European betters, but all there is is just cant and rote-learned, hackneyed phrases. But truth is not difficult to disclose. A couple of weeks ago, a member of the populist fascist party . the second biggest party of the country – publicly threatened to kill someone who had disagreed with him in the comments of his blog. In itself, this is not especially amazing – that is how politicians of the less sophisticated kind usually talk. The interesting part is, that the person who uttered the threat was also a conscientious objector.

In keeping with the savage, murderous nature of the nation, Finns are among those few in the civilized West – if they are civilized at all – who have kept conscription. All Finnish men are required to do time in their Armed Forces, and those who choose to become conscientious objectors are supposed to come up with sophisticated humanitarian arguments so as to persuade the draft board. Even accepted conscientious objectors will be discriminated against by society – in employment, for instance – because of the almost religious reverence in which Finns hold their armed forces and their military history (which is actually much less impressive than they believe). Thus, you might think that someone who gets to be a CO in Finland is a really seasoned humanitarian and a man of principle? Think again.

The fact that even a Finnish CO can be a murderous person threatening others with killing tells you all you need to know about Finns. Their attempts at humanitarianism are pathetic fraud, typical of a nation of pathetic frauds.

A Critic of Finns and Finnishness

19 Dec

This blog will be about criticizing that Nordic nation of frauds, the Finns. Did you ever know, for instance, the following facts:

– Finland had a capitalist economy in the years of the Cold War, but was at the same time a true friend of the Communist Soviet Union and a training ground for its agents?

– Finns pretended to be a Scandinavian nation but are really a people of Mongoloid race speaking an Eastern language similar only to a handful of minority languages spoken in Russia by small groups of reindeer-herding nomads?

– true to their Mongoloid nature, Finnsh have started to persecute their Swedish-speaking, truly Scandinavian minority in a way similar to the initial stages of holocaust in Germany?

Americans have a way too sympathetic relationship to Finns, “the heroic nation” who defended themselves against the onslaught of Soviet troops in 1939. This nation of frauds needs to be exposed, This is why I started this blog for everybody to read the TRUTH ABOUT FINLAND.

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19 Dec

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